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Moustafa Bayoumi

Professor of English at Brooklyn College, City University of New York; Columnist for The Guardian

This Muslim American Life: Dispatches from the War on Terror

Thursday October 19th at 5:30pm

Bloomington Campus, Hodge Hall, Room 2075

Bayoumi will discuss what the War on Terror looks like from the vantage point of Muslim Americans, highlighting the profound effect that surveillance has had on how they live their lives. To be a Muslim American today often means to exist in an absurd space between exotic and dangerous, victim and villain, simply because of the assumptions people hold. Bayoumi exposes how contemporary politics, movies, novels, media experts and more have together produced a culture of fear and suspicion that not only willfully forgets the Muslim-American past, but also threatens all of our civil liberties in the present.  This Muslim American Life was awarded the 2016 Evelyn Shakir Non-Fiction Arab American Book Award.

Sponsored by the Islam in the American Public Sphere seminar


They will run Fall 2017 through Spring 2018

The Ethical and Religious Dimensions of Children's Literature

Heather Blair; Religious Studies; College of Arts and Sciences; Bloomington;

Alisa Clapp-Itnyre; English; School of Humanities and Social Sciences; IU East;

Information, Ethics, and Sociocultural Values

Ronald Day; Information and Library Science; School of Informatics and Computing; Bloomington;

Nazareth Pantaloni III; Scholarly Communication Department; Indiana University Libraries; Bloomington;

The Environment and Society: Ethical Foundations for a Sustainable Future

Zachary Schrank; Sociology and Anthropology; IU South Bend;

April Lidinsky; Women's and Gender Studies; IU South Bend;

*Fall event details coming soon!*

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ANNOUNCING 2017 Religion and Ethics Seminars

Economic justice and inclusive markets: The ethics of doing business with the poor

Kelly R Eskew; Business Law and Ethics; Kelley School of Business;

Philip T. Powell, PhD; Business Economics; Kelley School of Business;

Environmental Justice

Gabriel Filippelli; Professor of Earth Sciences; School of Science;

Carlton M Waterhouse; Professor of Law; McKinney School of Law;

Islam in the American Public Sphere

Asma Afsaruddin; Near Eastern Languages & Cultures; School of Global and International Studies;


Abdulkader Sinno; Political Science and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures;

College of Arts and Sciences; Bloomington;

Moral Thinking in Artworks of Economic Success and Economic Failure

Stephen Buttes; International Language and Culture Studies; College of Arts and Sciences;

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne;

Andrew Kopec; Department of English and Linguistics; College of Arts and Sciences;

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne;

Religion, Spirituality, Healthcare, and Ethics

Amber Comer; Assistant Professor IU School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences;

Department of Health Sciences; IUPUI;

Alexia Torke; Associate Professor Department of Medicine; IU School of Medicine;


The Ethics, Values and Practices of Public Art in Urban Contexts

Jason M. Kelly; History/Arts & Humanities Institute; School of Liberal Arts;


Pamela Napier; Visual Communication Design Department; Herron School of Art;