Religion & Racial Reconciliation, Inclusion, and Justice Initiative (RRRIJ)


The Consortium for the Study of Religion, Ethics, and Society is highlighting collective efforts to advance racial reconciliation, inclusion, and justice. Below you will find links to faith-based groups, and some other allied groups, working on these issues locally and nationally, as well as some further resources. These lists are not exhaustive—they are a work-in-progress—and we welcome your input and suggestions.  





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The Soul of the Nation, And the Justice of Godphoto of kelly brown douglas

Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas Author of "Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God"


Thursday November 14th 2019 7:00 -9:00 PM

Shelton Auditorium, Christian Theological Seminary
What does “Making and Keeping America Great Again” tell us about the soul of our nation? What is the meaning of God’s justice in this culture of “greatness”? The Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas’ lecture will address these pressing and complex questions as Americans ready for Election Day 2020.
Date and location TBD

Hosted by CSRES, Christian Theological Seminary, The Center for Religion & American Culture, and the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis 



Leah Gunning Francisphoto of leah gunning francis smiliing

Vice President Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Christian Education and Practical Theology at Christian Theological Seminary


From Ferguson to Charlottesville: Standing at the Crossroads of Faith and Justice

Thursday Nov. 2nd 2017 at 4:30 PM

IUPUI Multicultural Center, UC 104

The shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson reignited a long-smoldering movement for justice, with many St. Louis-area clergy stepping up to support the emerging young leaders of today’s Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Leah Gunning Francis was among the activists while she was a seminary professor in St. Louis. Her book, Ferguson and Faith: Sparking Leadership & Awakening Community, is based on interviews with more than two dozen faith leaders and movement organizers. It takes us behind the scenes of the continuing protests. Dr. Francis will discuss her book and the continuing relevance of the lessons that can be learned from Ferguson.


Co-hosted by the IUPUI Multicultural Center, the IUPUI Africana Studies Program, and the IU Consortium for the Study of Religion, Ethics, and Society