Economic Justice the ethics of doing business with the poor

This seminar focuses on doing business in the world's poorest communities. Businesses that engage with these markets find opportunities to make a profit while also doing good. The seminar discusses the economics of inclusive markets and the ethical considerations of engagement.


Kelly R Eskew; Business Law and Ethics; Kelley School of Business; Bloomington; kreskew@indiana.eduphoto of kelly eskew

photo of daniel preston
Daniel Preston; Clinical Asst Professor; School of Public and Environmental Affairs; Bloomington;



Seminar Events:


Poverty Simulation


Friday November 2nd from 11AM-1PM

Bloomington campus, Godfrey Center, Room 0034/0036 (Northwest corner of 10th & Fee)

The IU CSRES seminar on Economic Justice and Doing Business with the Poor is pleased to invite all interested faculty and students to participate in a Poverty Simulation. Poverty is a reality for many individuals and families. But unless you've experienced poverty, it's difficult to truly understand. The Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS) bridges that gap from misconception to understanding. CAPS is an interactive immersion experience. It sensitizes community participants to the realities of poverty.

Please join us on November 2nd. Lunch provided.

Sign up at or get more information by emailing Kelly Eskew at



Profiting from Prison and Immigration Detention


Monday October 22nd at 7 PM

Bloomington Campus, Hodge Hall, Room 2075

This panel discussion will be held in partnership with Kelley School of Business Common Read book selection of Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.

Panel includes:

Lisa Koop; National Immigration Justice Center

Rick Lippke; Criminal Justice, IUB

Bonnie Ernst; Criminal Justice, IUB

Greg Keesling, RecycleForce

Pizza provided while it lasts.




Microfinance in America

Katie Westland, Accion Chicago

Steve Thomas, Monroe County United Ministries


Tuesday October 2nd at 7 PM

Bloomington campus, Hodge Hall, Room 1000

Pizza provided while it lasts


Co-hosted with the Trockman Microfinance Initiative



The Revitalization of Detroitkresge foundation

Aaron Seybert

Social Investment Officer, Kresge Foundation


Wednesday Sept. 19th at 7 PM

Bloomington campus, Hodge Hall, Room 1000

Pizza provided while it lasts



Sustainable Entrepreneurship and the UN SDG's

Reed Evans

Founder, Scale it up! Sustainability Training for Women Entrepreneurs

Monday April 16th 7:00-8:00 PM

IU Bloomington, Hodge Hall, Room 1000

Reed Evans will be discussing the impact of sustainability entrepreneurs and the UN SDGs on income-poor regions.

*Food provided


Co-hosted by IU Women in Business



Community Investment and Engagement                   photo of dimitrios efstathiou

- A Conversation with Major League Soccer

Dimitrios Efstathiou

Senior Vice President, Player Relations & Competition


Thursday April 26th 7:00-8:00 PM

IU Bloomington, Hodge Hall, Room 1059

Dimitrios Efstathiou is Senior Vice President at Major League Soccer, where he oversees player acquisition and club roster management, ensuring compliance with League rules and regulations.  He also assists in the management of MLS relationships with other professional soccer leagues and national federations.

He began his career with MLS in the Business & Legal Affairs Department, where he advised on a wide array of commercial and legal matters. Prior to joining the League, Dimitrios was in-house counsel at EFG Private Bank in London and an associate at Allen & Overy with the firm’s U.S. Corporate and Capital Markets practice.  Dimitrios also serves on the Board of FC Harlem, a New York City urban soccer academy and leadership program. 

Dimitrios is a graduate of Vassar College, and subsequently received his JD from Harvard Law School and his master's degree from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University.  

*Food provided


Economic Justice and Doing Business with the Poor: The Cummins Experiencephoto of cummins logo black and white


Mark Sifferlen

Cummins' Vice President of Ethics & Compliance


Monday February 19th 7:00 PM

IU Bloomington Campus, Hodge Hall, Room 1059

You are invited to hear Mark Sifferlen, Cummins' VP of Ethics and Compliance talk about his experiences at the Fortune 500 Company.  Open to the public; Food will be provided.



Economic Justice & Leadership: Aligning Business with People and Planet


Julie Savaria

Academic Partnerships- North America at Emzingo


Tuesday Nov. 28th at 6 PM

IU Bloomington campus, Hodge Hall, Room 4000

Followed by discussion of internship and ABP opportunities.  Food provided.


Hosted by the ECONOMIC JUSTICE AND INCLUSIVE MARKETS: ETHICS OF DOING BUSINESS WITH THE POOR seminar, NetImpact, and Trockman Microfinance Initiative



Otra Cosa No Hay (There is Nothing Else) Film Screening


photo from the film showing a valley and indigenious peoples homes

Monday October 23rd 6 PM

IU Bloomington, Hodge Hall, Room 1000

The water-rich highlands of the Colombian Páramo de Santurbán are nearly pristine, evidently preserved by the traditional mining communities inhabiting the region. The delicate balance maintained between economic needs, exploitable natural resources, and environmental protection has recently been disrupted by the arrival of foreign large-scale mining companies. Otra Cosa No Hay (There is Nothing Else) transports its audiences to this remote region of Colombia in order to provide complex insights into the conflicts between local people, foreign companies and environmentalists over the proper use of Colombia’s natural treasures.


Economic Activity and Human Well-Being: The Impact of development on the poor

lecture by Professor Christina Ochoa discussion following the film (7 PM)

Executive Producer and Director Ochoa will talk about Economic Activity and Human Well-Being's Impact on indigenous people following the film's screening. Food provided.



Impact Investingphoto of a building on IU Bloomington's campus called Hodge Hall

John Duong

Lumina Foundations' Director of Lumina Impact Ventures

Holiday Hart McKiernan

Lumina Foundations' Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


Monday October 16th 7 PM

IU Bloomington, Hodge Hall, Room 1046

Food Provided.


Co-sponsored by NetImpact, and the Trockman Microfinance Initiative student groups.





Kelley School of Business; IUPUI



Wednesday March 29th at 7pm

IU Bloomington Campus; Hodge Hall; Room 1050

Free lecture, pizza will be offered

The world's economic resources are overwhelming consolidated in business, or markets.  While governments and NGOs have a role to play in economic development and poverty alleviation, the power of business to radically transform the lives of the world's income-poor communities is exponentially greater.  The six-part seminar will start on February 8, 2017, with a discussion of the macroeconomics of inclusive markets.  This session will engage participants - faculty, community members, and students - in an interactive discussion that tells the dynamic story of how doing business in inclusive markets - with the "bottom of the pyramid" - creates shared value.




GordonInsitute of Business Science; University of Pretoria


photo of adrian saville


Monday March 6th at 7pm

IU Bloomington Campus; Hodge Hall; Room 1050

Free lecture; pizza will be offered

Over the past 15 years, many of the economies that make up sub-Saharan Africa have recorded extraordinary progress.  By way of example, the Rwandan economy has grown without interruption for more than 20 years in a row; and Angola ranked as the fastest growing economy in world over the decade to 2014.  In 2012, this led the world largest weekly printed news magazine, TIME, to describe Africa as the “world’s next economic powerhouse”.  As we head into 2017, Africa remains rich in potential and constitutes the second-fastest growing region in the world after Asia.  Yet it also is the case that Africa is complex, diverse, poorly understood and that the region remains challenged by yawning deficits inter alia in education, healthcare and infrastructure that point to the pervasive need to continue transforming socially, politically and economically.  Against this backdrop, in this lecture we will discuss the challenges and potential of the region, examine nuances that afford a better understanding of different economies and also explore investment prospects.  Arguably, the most exciting of these opportunities relate to inclusive innovation in transforming economies, such as Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia, that are found across multiple industries, such as finance, education, entertainment and healthcare.

Learn more about Professor Saville here.




Gordon Institute of Business Science; University of Pretoria


photo of tashmia ismail


Wednesday March 8th at 7pm

IU Bloomington Campus; Hodge Hall; Room 1050

Free lecture; pizza will be offered


In South Africa, around 60 percent of the population is unserved or underserved by current business and many other providers of support and services. That's a significant new market, and doing business in this market can achieve a great deal more than simply finding new customer. Regardless of global trends or govnermental pressues, accessing these markets is challenging. Often customers who survive on minimal incomes seek and will value different market offering from those traditional customers have purchased. The have unique needs and identities requiring innovative, nontraditional models and approaches.

Professor Ismail will discuss pioneering business and their base of the pyramid champions, as well as theri experiement, successes, failures and best practices in creating new and sustainable markets in previously underserved communities.

Learn more about Professor Ismail here.




photo of philip powell
Previous Co-leader: Philip T. Powell; Business Economics; Kelley School of Business; IUPUI;